Registry Cleaner


Over time, the database that Windows and other applications use to store information (the "Registry") can begin to hold data that is no longer valid or has become obsolete. Such information can range from a reference to a file that no longer exists, to a driver that Windows is attempting to load each time you start your machine. This invalid data eventually begins to clutter your Registry, slowing Windows down and causing other possible problems.

The Registry Cleaner Tool in Super Utilities will cleanup and streamline your Registry by finding and removing these invalid data references.

Screen Shots

How to Use

  • Scan the Registry:
    1. Click the box on the item to select the item.
    2. Click the "Scan" button to perform the Scan and During the Scanning, click the "Stop" button to abort Scanning. The tree-view lists all invalid entries.
  • Remove invalid entries:
    1. Select the items to delete
    2. Click "Remove" button to remove the invalid entries.
  • Saving and restoring undo information:
    1. Select the "Undo Information" tab from the Registry Cleaner window.
    2. Select the item listed in the box labeled "Date and Time of Changes" that corresponds to the instance of changes you would like to reverse.
    3. Select the button labeled "Undo Selected Changes".
    4. You will be prompted to confirm your decision to undo these changes. Select "Yes" to this question.


if need to view the invalid data references, please click the "View" button.