Folder Size


Folder Size is a powerful tool to help you see how much space takes a folder on your system. The space taken by a folder consists of all the space taken by the files and folders within this folder.

This information will let you manage your drives more easily. For example if you need more disk space, just run Folder Size and you will quickly find where are the large files on your system and you will be able to delete them if you do not need them anymore.


How to Use

  1. Specify your drive or folder:

    To do that, either type on the Directory edit box or click on the small folder button on it's right side. When you click at this button a window will appear with all your drives. Select your drive or folder from the window and then click "Ok" button.

  2. Click on the "Analyze" button.
  3. A clearly treeview of all folders on your selected folder or drive appears on the top side.
  4. Using the Option Menu, you can view the treeview as following:
    • "Sort": You can select one from four sort methods: By Name(Asc), By Name(Dec), By Size(Asc), By Size(Dec).
    • "Browse": Open a Explorer window to browse your selected drive or folder.
    • "Delete": Delete selected folder if you select All; Delete all files in your selected folder if you select All files under this folder.
    • "Refresh": Create new structure view for the selected folder. Refresh the most top folder if select All, Refresh the selected folder else if select the selected folder
    • "Expand": Expand all nodes on the treeview.
    • "Collapse": Collapse all nodes on the treeview.
    • "Unit": Include Auto, Bytes, KB, MB options, chooses the size unit for directories and files


You right click a folder and select Analyse folder size item from Super Shell to quickly analyze a folder.