Startup Organizer


Many programs start automatically with the Windows system without further enquiry. That often happens on purpose when resident tools, such as the virus scanner, an ISDN call monitor or a text module administration are loaded.

But often enough, newly installed programs set themselves up as Autostart programs. This is annoying when the application is not used or when the user is harassed by tedious requests when starting the computer.

Many users know that the Autostart commands can be found in the Autostart folder in the start menu and can also be deleted from there. But this is not the whole truth: Some start commands are entered directly into the registry and cannot be reached through the Autostart menu. The tool StartUp Organizer is fortunately able to find any Autostart program - no matter how well it has hidden its start command.

Screen Shots

How to Use

Right at the start, the utility lists all Autostart programs. On the left hand side of the Folder Bar the entry All is highlighted. You can reduce the list by clicking on a branch such as Stratup Menu or Registry. As a result, only the Autostart entries that are administered there are shown.

All Autostart programs are usually checked and therefore activated. If you remove the pre-selection by clicking on the particular boxes which are checked, the commands concerned will not be carried out anymore at the next start. This way you can find out if an entry is as unimportant as it seems. In case of emergency you can always check the box again via mouse click.

Entries marked can be removed from the list completely by using Delete. Press Refresh afterwards to re-import the list. Now you can control whether the annoying Autostart programs have really been removed.

If you wish to add a new Autostart program to the list yourself, mark the folder in the bar and press the AddTo button to select the program which you wanted to add.



  • Startup Organizer can automatically detect the new programs have been added to your startup configuration.
  • Click the Restore button to restore all startup application to the status that the Super Utilities was not installed.