Super Shell


Super Shell is a unique suite of context-menu shell extensions for Windows 9X/Me/2000/XP. Right-click one or more files, a folder, the desktop, or the background of a window or open/save dialog to access powerful new Windows tools!


  • Use Super Utilities tools in folders, file dialogs, on the desktop, anywhere!
  • Right-click the background of the current folder to access its Super Shell tools - no need to close it and click its icon.
  • Compatible with many 3rd-party file managers and applications that display Windows context menus.
  • Customizable - only show the tools you want.


How to Use

1.Introduction of main shell tools:

Shell Tools Description


Batch Rename and Change Date & Time

Batch Rename lets you apply the same type of name-change to a number of selected files, such as changing their extensions, replacing characters, adding prefixes and suffixes.

Change Date & Time provides a quick way to change the creation and/or modification date of one or more files.

Open In Notepad Simply opens the selected file in Windows Notepad, whatever type of file it is.
Analyze Folder Size Analyze the sizes of the selected folder and its all subfolders.
Command Prompt opens a Windows command prompt or MS-DOS prompt window on the current folder path.
Map Drive Map the selected folder to a virtual driver
Unmap Drive Cancel the virtual driver
Go To Folder Makes it easy to jump to a different folder in the current window, an Open/Save dialog (on compatible systems), or a new window, storing a list of your most-used folders for one-click switching.
Hide Folder Quickly Add a Special Folder to Protected Folder List in Folder Guard and Hide it.
Show All Special Folder Quickly Show All Folders in Protected Folder List of Folder Guard. You should use password to protect this action!
Hide All Special Folder Quickly Hide All Special Folders in Protected Folder List of Folder Guard.
Delete with Shredder Quickly Shred Files and Folders.
Lock With Exelock Quickly Add Password Protection to A Exe file.
Fast Cleanup Quickly Execute Fast & Safe Cleanup.
Erase Tracks Quickly Execute Tracks Washer.
Free Memory Quickly Execute Memory Turbo.
Show Main Form Execute Super Utilities Program.
Copy FileName Copy the name of the selected file or folder.
Copy FilePath Only Copy the directory path of the selected file or folder.
Copy Complete Path Copy the full path of one or more files or folders to the clipboard ready for pasting elsewhere.

2.Customize Shell Tools:

  • Select Special Utilities Page form Super Utilities and Click Super Shell button.
  • Use the list on this tabbed page to choose which Shell tools items are enabled. Items without a checkmark beside them will never appear on the menu. Click an item's checkbox in the list to toggle its checkmark on and off.