The most important features of GetFLV
  1. How to download videos from Channel 4
  2. How to download videos from ITV Player
  3. How to download videos from Channel 5
  4. How to download videos from BBC iPlayer
  5. How to download videos from BBC
  6. How to download videos from Kelby Training
  7. How to download videos from Lynda
  8. How to download videos from CBT Nuggets
  9. How to download videos from Pluralsight .NET
  10. How to download videos from Digital-Tutors
The most important features of Super Utilities
  1. How to remove unnecessary files from your hard drive?
  2. How to detect and clean thousands of spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats from your PC?
  3. How to clean and optimize your system registry?
  4. How to get the full control about all programs are started with Windows?
  5. How to uninstall or hide some installed programs?
  6. How to recover, defragment, and optimize memory?
  7. How to search your disk for dead shortcuts and fix them?
  8. How to hide and protect your folders and files from snoopy people?
  9. How to erase the tracks left by Windows, Internet browser, and other programs?
  10. How to show only the URLS and history items that you want to see in the Internet Explorer?
  11. How to password protect your programs that contain your private information to lock unauthorized people out of them?
  12. How to delete files securely?
  13. How to manage the passwords and all autoComplete strings stored on your computer by Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and MSN Explorer? How to clean up, show/hide and even copy them to other computer?
  14. How to hide favorite sites and startmenu items?
  15. How to determine which windows are show/hide, open/closee and which always stay on top?
  16. How to manage currently running programs?
  17. How to protect and repair your browser settings?
  18. How to remove unwanted browser helper objects that can hijack your computer?
  19. How to recover files that have been deleted from the Recyle Bin?
  20. How to get comprehensive information of your computer?
  21. How to power down your computer automatically on any schedule?
  22. How to grab all of your drivers and store them in a safe place so that they'll be handy when you really need them?
  23. How to know where on earth all of your free hard drive space has gone?
  24. How to save time and work more efficiently with a suite of context-menu shell extensions?