Tracks Washer


Tracks Washer is a tool to maintain your personal privacy. Many things that you do with your computer are tracked and stored, and sometimes exposed to prying eyes over the Internet or through other methods without your knowledge.

Tracks Washer is a very useful tool for cleaning up the history of your activities on a computer. Maybe you don't realize that Windows and other software programs store information about what you have done, what documents you have used, what web sites you have visited, what images and movies you have seen, and various other activities you have performed. Things such as the web sites you visit, the files you view and download over the Internet, the applications and files you access on your hard disk, the programs your run, and many other presumably private actions are automatically tracked and even distributed to other individuals. The Windows built-in functions will not protect you, most of the tracks can not be erased with them. Therefore, anyone else can see what you have been doing on your computer, which raises several privacy concerns. Furthermore, much of your activity information takes up valuable disk space, and recovering this space can be very beneficial.

Track Washer is designed to protect your privacy by cleaning up unwanted history data and internet tracks on your computer. With simply one click, Privacy Protector allows you to erases all the tracks, cookies, history visited URLs.

When to use Track Washer

It is best to use this tool daily once before you shut down your computer. Using Track Washer regularly, you can be sure that no one is able to get at any personal information that may be stored on your system or discover what programs you have been using, or where you have been on the Internet.

We recommend using Track Washer:

  • Daily
  • Whenever you leave your computer unattended for a while.
  • When ever you feel like using it. It is the fastest Privacy Protector


How to Use

Track Washer is very simple to use. Just press the Wash Now Button and you are ready to go. As soon as you press the Wash Now Button you will see the window shows what it is currently cleaning up. Generally clean up could finish in less than a minute.

  • "Select All": Check all tracks in tracks lists.
  • "Select": Check all selected tracks in tracks lists.
  • "UnSelect All": Uncheck all tracks in tracks lists.
  • "Erase Now": Clear up all tracks checked in tracks lists.